Cooking From Scratch: Part 2

Let's talk about cooking from scratch: Part 2! In part 1, I shared an example of one of our home-cooked meals, detainling which ingredients we were able to grow and raise on our own as well as areas in which we could improve on.  It was a comprehensive meal.  So today, I want to share with you something that I believe is just as important....KEEPING MEALS SIMPLE!

While there are seasons of creating beautiful, well rounded, five course meals, there are also seasons & reasons for requiring more simplicity in the kitchen.  The "simple" life of homesteading isn't always that simple.  Some seasons are busier than others.  Spring is one of those seasons! As life awakens from winter hibernation, and laborous outdoor activities call, indoor duties, specifically kitchen duties, fall lower on the list of priorities.  Cooking from scratch, using whole food ingredients, and home raised food doesn't always equate to highly crafted and elaborate meals.  Sometimes it's as simple as a scrambled egg.  Nutrient dense, easy and quick to whip up, with minimal cleanup, yet no lacking in nutrition and is an easy way to use up your on hand resources.  It's basically homesteading simplified.  

Cooking from scratch is a great first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  And it doesn't have to be hard.  Cooking from scratch can include the most simple meals.  So if like me, you're in a season of busyness, give yourself some grace and stick to simple meals.