Going Back In Time

I’m going back in time! Who wants to come with me?!?!

On our ranch/homestead, we’ve gone back in time by:

…choosing to educate our children at home

…choosing to raise and grow as much of our own food as possible

…choosing to cook most of our meals from scratch

...choosing to opt out of many mainstream systems & societal norms

So it only makes sense that we choose to go back in time with {some} of our electronics. 

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a conversation between Jill Winger & Ginny from 1000 Hours Outside (Old Fashioned On Purpose Podcast, Season 10, Episode 8).  While my kids already spend plenty of time outdoors, and we are a family that strives for limited time on devices (our kids rarely get ANY time on ANY device), Ginny pointed out all the boundaries that naturally existed prior to our modern technology.  And that really hit a cord with me.  As I ruminated on this concept, I began to think of all the natural boundaries that have gone by the wayside. 

Before Netflix and Amazon Prime, you’d have to wait each week for your favorite tv show to come on.  It was a natural boundary for binge watching your favorite show.

Before mass production of processed, ready to eat foods, we had a natural boundary of what we were putting into our bodies, and how much of it we were consuming.

Before cell phones, we experienced a natural boundary of “getting away” and “being present”.

Before social media, we had a natural boundary of how much outsides “static” we allowed into our lives.

We were a healthier people…

…physically & mentally.

Pridefully, I thought I was doing pretty good with boundaries in my life.  But after reflecting and chewing on this concept of “natural boundaries”, these things made me aware of just how poor my own boundaries really were!

I’m guilting of answering my phone in the grocery store.  Why on earth do I need to talk on a phone in a grocery store?!?!

Because I’ve relied on my phone as an alarm clock, I’m guilty of scrolling at night before bed because I “just want to check a few things before putting my phone down”. 

Because I rely on my phone as a watch/clock, I’m CONSTANTLY picking it up…and since I’m checking the time, I’ll just check a few more things. 

So rather than CONSTANTLY wrestling with the temptation and pitfalls caused by the lack of natural boundaries resulting from our existing technology, I’ve decided to OPT OUT, yet again, of another societal norm. 

The “all in one package” that my cell phone provides for me is not what is BEST for me.  So, I’m leaving my phone behind.  Instead of using my phone as a watch, I’m going to wear an actual watch.  Instead of using my phone as an alarm clock, I’m going to use an actual alarm clock.  These two items, which only cost me about $15 each, allow me to leave my phone behind, providing natural boundaries. 

I will still have a cell phone.  And I will continue to use it for photos, social media, running our beef business, and contacting people.  But by going back to the good ol’ days of wearing a watch and using an alarm clock, I won't be as much of a slave to it.  

If you call and I don’t answer, its probably because I’m out enjoying life and whatever is in front of me at the moment.  But don’t worry, I’ll call you back.