"I can totally relate!" - When You Don't Fit Into the Homesteading Box

“I feel like I can totally relate!”

This message inundated my DM’s following the podcast episode.

At the end of June, I had the joy of being a guest on Jill Winger’s Podcast, “Old Fashioned On Purpose” (Season 9, Episode 11).  The topic of our conversation was “When Homesteading Doesn’t Fit Any of the Boxes”, and how our family, specifically, tends to march to the beat of our own drum when it comes to how we ranch and homestead.

After the episode aired, the #1 response I received was,”I feel like I can totally relate”. And although I followed up with each message individually, this was one topic that I felt was worth talking about openly.

Here's the deal...

I think WE are actually the majority.

I think that those of us that don’t necessarily fit into the “homestead box” is greater than those that do.

And here’s the thing friends….


The true essence of Homesteading is NOT building a life that reflects the “picture perfect” homestead we see on Instagram or YouTube or Pinterest.

Homesteading is NOT about being 100% self sufficient and doing ALL THE THINGS.

True Homesteading is building a life of sustainability & self sufficiency WHEVER YOU ARE.

And that will look different

…depending on where you live and what your environment is.

…depending on the needs of your family, or if you even have a family.

…depending on your community, what you have to offer and what it offers you.

...depending on your specific skill sets and what you are called to do in life.

Because true Homesteading is just that….its establishing & building a HOME and life centered around that home and within a given community. It’s the idea that we do, in fact, have the skills, wisdom, and ability to create a sustainable life. One where we don't actually  need to rely on or be at the mercy of mainstream systems (which are really a new concept in the grand scheme of time). 

True Homesteaders didn’t have social media. True Homesteaders didn’t have access to all we have today.  True Homesteaders didn’t do ALL THE THINGS

True Homesteaders did what they could with what was provided to them depending on the environment that they were in.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE the Homesteading community.  I’m so grateful for those that have gone before me or those that excel in areas I don’t.  I’m grateful I can glean from their wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  I’m grateful for the new & fresh ideas, and encouragement that I receive from the community.  But learning from them and trying to BE them are two completely different things.

So wherever you are in your journey, continue to strive to be the best you can be, WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AT HAND.  Yes, take pride in your work.  Do it to the best of your ability. Do it with conviction.  Do it with dignity.  Do it with quality.  But do it as YOU are able and as YOU are called.

And I’ll say it one more time because I believe it’s worth it…

If you feel “outside the box” of homesteading, I truly believe you are actually part of the majority.

Carry on my dear friend!